What is Code Pamoja?

CodePamoja means “Code Together“ in Swahili. We are a group of passionate individuals in The Netherlands and Kenya working together in virtual teams, transferring the latest software development skills to talented Kenyans, providing economic empowerment through sustainable digital careers.

Our Story

In 2015 we started CodePamoja, getting European and African developers working together on real projects. This was a positive experience for everybody who was involved. African developers got access to mentors and an insight into how the software industry works in Europe. This gave them a head start in finding a job and accelerated their career growth. We have kept in contact with many of them and they have a demonstrably faster career progression than before the program. The European developers who participated in the program got to practice mentoring and soft skills, and gained greater cultural understanding of the African continent. All participants made long-lasting friends.

Process of How We Work


Code pamoja's mission is primarily focused on collaboration with partners, in order to capacity build coding and project management skiils in developing countries and markets.


With many African companies implementing software and technologies into their businesses, the demand for software engineering expertise has risen significantly.


Practical training is needed so as to equip Kenyan software developers with skills for them gain access to global opportunities and markets. Participants learn to use agile methods of developing software.

Our Partners