Learn About Us?

Code pamoja is a learning platform that enables developers to hone their programming skills and improve them drastically. Our alumni can attest that code pamoja helped them develop their understanding and view of programming as a whole. It is a Dutch-Kenyan initiative helping software developers in Nairobi improve their management techniques and development skills by working on it. Moreso, it is part of the bigger Fair Trade initiative. It is a collaboration between Dutch firm Competa and Kenyan partners BTI Millman and DewCIS and is funded by non-profit organization Sequa. Together we focus on the development of the IT sector in Kenya and on building the local economy.


Our Alumni Say


CodePamoja is a catalyst to any programmers life. For me every day was a learning day. In CodePamoja it’s not all about writing a line of code but you learn perseverance, precision, problem solving, cooperation, project management and the most important of it all team work. Thanks for building a programmer out of me.

Tonny Mwirigi

Self-employed Software Developer

At User Experience Technologies Ltd (UXT) is a ICT company that develops mobile or web based solutions. Before we engaged CodePamoja programmers, projects used to take long and most of the time overshoot the set completion deadlines. Since we were referred by a friend to CodePamoja things changed after we learnt we were using the waterfall way of project development.

Hillary Wachira


Once I ``got it`` I quickly became comfortable and I was impressed by the way Scrum allowed an open environment for people to share what they know. The beauty of Scrum is that `{`it`}` puts people on the same level and you are allowed to express yourself openly without judgement. Agile methods like Retro teach you how to reflect not only as a team, but as an individual.

Brenda Mona

ICT Authority

I believed I was an accomplished developer but when asked whether I have ever worked in a team or was familiar with the software methodologies of project management , I knew I had a lot to learn. Using real projects to practice the methodologies, I became comfortable using Scrum, Git, Trello, Slack and even Jira.

Evingtone Ngoa

Software Developer at Dew CIS Solutions Ltd.

The training helped me focus on delivering the best product possible in a set time period and as a result I got employed to reputable IT Solutions and Services company. CodePamoja guarantees career advancement and growth and has seen many land good jobs or build their own startups. I would highly recommend CodePamoja.

Peter I. Mwangi

Software Developer at Dew CIS Solutions Ltd.

CodePamoja was a great experience for me since I’ve come to appreciate every aspect of the training in every project I undertake. Working in virtual teams was a new and interesting way of working. I was honored to be part of such a huge leap into the future of software development in Kenya.

Arwin Mbugua Kimwaki

Software Developer at BTI Millman Ltd.