What is Code pamoja

CodePamoja means ``Code Together`` in Swahili. We are a group of passionate individuals in The Netherlands and Kenya working together in virtual teams, transferring the latest software development skills to talented Kenyans, providing economic empowerment through sustainable digital careers.

By working on real projects run to international standards, graduates from both countries get hands-on experience in the modern management techniques and tooling required to produce high-quality software.

  • Date
    8 Jan, 2021
  • Client
    Sporia Deko
  • Category
    Design / Ideas
  • Address
    California, TX 70240

How code pamoja works

At CodePamoja we use Agile management techniques and a project management methodology called Scrum. This iterative development process is designed to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. We work closely with customers who themselves learn how to use these techniques.